My NARS favourites

For years now, I’ve been using M.A.C’s bronzing powder. It’s an okay product, but I wouldn’t swear by it (to be completely honest, I didn’t really find a shade that I really liked). So a few months ago, while browsing in Sephora, I decided to take the plunge and purchase my very first NARS bronzer (in the ever so popular “laguna” of course!).

really (truly!) love the bronzing powder from NARS. Not only do I love the shade “laguna,” but I find that it’s a little more easy to blend than the bronzer from M.A.C. To me, it’s a little more natural looking. If you have a lighter skin tone, no worries! Just apply the bronzer with a light hand, and you can always build it up later!

Since I’m such a fan of NARS’ bronzer, I decided to share a few of my NARS favourites with you all!



My NARS Collection:
Bronzing Powder in Laguna | The Multiple Stick in South Beach
Lip gloss Minis | Blush in Orgasm (regular & a mini) | Illuminator in Orgasm

nars1PS- How adorable is the mini NARS blush? It’s perfect for traveling, or for a quick touch up during your commute to work and/or class!



Do you wear bronzer? What is your favourite brand (for bronzer)? Have you tried NARS before? What is your favourite NARS product? 

Review: Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD

Although is primarily a beauty and style blog, I do enjoy writing about completely different topics (like organization, product reviews, and various tips and tricks… for pretty much everything!). While I love sharing which mascara and J.Crew arrivals are my favourite, I like to switch things up a little. So when I was contacted by Staples Canada to review Beats by Dre. Dre a while ago, I just couldn’t resist!

drdrebeatsThere are three things that can instantly put me in a great mood: 1) a good hair day (obviously), 2) a good eyebrow day (yes, please!), and 3) a great playlist! I’m incredibly picky about the headphones I use– the quality of the sound has to be amazing… and drown out the noise of commuters ;)


When I received my Beats Solo HD, I immediately took them out of the box and hooked them up to my iPhone. I played “The Alphabeat” by David Guetta (a great running song, btw!), and was instantly impressed! The sound was crystal clear, and the headphones were super comfortable! (Lack of comfort is definitely one of my complains with the regular Apple earbuds!)


The next thing I used the Beats Solo HD for was to watch a few episodes of “Being Erica” (great show!) on Netflix. Whenever I want to watch tv on my laptop, I always use headphones/earbuds since things can get noisy in my apartment (especially with two very hyper boxers!). My Apple earbuds are unable to completely eliminate the noise, which is a little annoying. The Beats Solo HD, however, are excellent for drowning out any noise!


Beats Solo HD also include a built-in mic, which you can use to switch between songs, increase or decrease the volume, and accept incoming calls!


Dr. Dre Beats Solo HD are made to be a lighter, on-ear version of Studios.”

- Staples Canada


I’ll admit, one thing I was a little worried about was the size of the headphones. I didn’t want them to be super bulky, heavy, or too big to fit into my handbag (#girlproblems right there, ha!). But fortunately, the Dr. Dre Beats Solo HD can fold up (like the photo above)!


They even come with a little pouch. So you just fold them up, and put them in the pouch. It’s the perfect size, and fits really well in my handbag!



dredreabeats8* Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD – c/o Staples Canada

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the quality of the Dre. Dre Beats Solo HD headphones. They’re the perfect purchase for every music lover! Not only are they ideal for listening to music on your commute to work or class, but they’re excellent for using in the gym, or just watching tv/movies on your computer!

What headphones/earbuds do you use?

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